Mpact It Casino This Fantastic Online Casino Gives Back to the World

This Fantastic Online Casino Gives Back to the World

When people think of places that donate to charities, not many people (if any at all) will mention casinos. A lot of people look at casinos and casinos games (online or offline) negatively and see the owners of casinos as greedy people who care for nothing except money. While we don’t doubt that there are quite a few like this, there are also some, as you about to see, who do care.

An Interview with Somebody Who Does Care

Below is an interview we had with John Smith; the CEO of a new online casino that hopes to get rid of some of the negativity that surrounds gambling.

Interviewer: Good afternoon, John. Thanks for taking some time from your busy schedule to have a quick chat with us today.

John: No worries at all, thanks for having me. I have actually been waiting for a while for the chance to spread some more awareness of what we do. Casino owners, whether online or mortar, often get a bad reputation for being greedy, but we are all not like that, you know? Although, I do understand why most people think we are.

Interviewer: So, please tell us a bit more. Don’t be afraid to go into detail, I’m here to listen after all.

John: Well I, alongside the other two shareholders of Captain Donation, an online casino, have always been involved with our local charities. I grew up with Emmanuel and Martin and for as long as I can remember we have always done what we can to help out our local charities. In fact, when we were in high school, we would spend a number of hours at the weekend volunteering at the local charities and helping them out with anything that they needed.  We had always wanted to start a business together where we could still help others out, but still make enough money to live a comfortable life. Eventually, after a lot of meetings together Captain Donation was born.

Interviewer: So, come on, be honest, who was the brain behind this idea?

John: Well, I’d love to be able to tell you that it was all me (laughs), but it was actually Emmanuel. During one of out meetings he told us, “look, we all know how big the online gaming industry is, and it is only going to get bigger and bigger. So, I was thinking, why don’t we set up an online casino and at the end of the year we give away a percentage of our net profit to different charities? We both really liked the idea, so that is what we went about setting up.

Interviewer: How long did it take you to launch this online casino?

John: Well, all three of us are perfectionists, so we didn’t want it going live until we were completely satisfied. So, it took just over a year for us to create the site and launch it.

Interviewer: I have had a look at the site myself, and I must say that I liked what I saw. I thought that it was very pleasing on the eye and I loved how easy it was to navigate around the site.

John: Thank you, it means a lot to me to hear such positive comments.

Interviewer: So, what percentage do you give away to charities and how do you decide which charity gets a donation?

John: I’m glad you asked that question. Well, we actually give away 40% of our profits to ten different charities. This means that each charity will get 4% of our net profit. When it comes to deciding which charities receive a donation, we let our players decide. In December every year, we create a poll where our players can vote and add the charities of their choice. The ten casinos with the most votes will get a donation.

Interviewer: That is wonderful, it truly is. I think it is time that we let you get on with your busy day. Once again, thank you for taking the time to talk to me, and I wish you the very best for the future. And next time that you go to casino, don’t forget to use a good strategy if you play BlackJack!

John: Thank you and no worries at all, it was my pleasure.

What a Great Idea

What a selfless idea that John and his two friends created. They have managed to create a living for themselves, while still giving a considerable sum of money away to a number of different charities.

Customers can play at this online casino knowing that a percentage of any money that they go on to lose will at least be going towards helping those who are in need. Although this is the only online casino that has this initiative at the moment, we can see it being something that catches on with other online casinos.

If you are thinking about signing up to an online casino, then we highly recommend that you give Captain Donation a go. We have tried it out ourselves and have been really impressed with the wide variety of games that are on offer. Furthermore, there is a tasty welcome bonus and they offer regular promotions. We also tested out their customer service, which we found to be very good.