Mpact It cricket The Jane McGrath Foundation is Helping Breast Cancer Sufferers Across Australia

The Jane McGrath Foundation is Helping Breast Cancer Sufferers Across Australia

Around two million women every year are affected by breast cancer, with around 600,000 of them passing away. This means that breast cancer is the biggest killer of women in the world. There are a number of charities around the world that specialize in raising awareness of this disease as well as raising money to support those who are suffering from it. This website ( that provide tips about cricket betting is one of them.

An Interview with a Cricketer Who Created a Breast Cancer Charity

We secured an interview with the legendary Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath, who lost his wife, Jane, to this disease back in 2008. You can find a transcript of the interview below.

Interviewer: G’day Glenn, hope all is well with you and thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk to us.

Glenn: G’day, no worries at all. I am always happy to talk to anyone about this foundation as it is something that is so close to my heart.  Also, my I add that with a G’day as good as that, you could make a very convincing Aussies (laughs).

Interviewer: (laughs) Thank you, that’s high praise coming from such a legendary Australian. So, can you tell us a bit more about the Jane McGrath foundation and how it came into being?

Glenn: Yeah, of course mate. So, Jane was first diagnosed with this terrible disease in 2005, when she was just 31. However, she was a strong woman and she fought it off the first time. When she was given the all clear later that year, she said to me that she wanted to create a breast cancer foundation to help others who went through what she did, so that is what we did. Unfortunately, her breast cancer returned. During this second fight against breast cancer, Jane had a breast care nurse looking after her. She was there to hold her hand through her nightmare and she was always willing to answer any questions that we had about her illness and treatment. It was this lovely woman who made it clear to us that the main aim of our foundation was

Interviewer: So, since 2005, tell us about some of the good that this fantastic breast cancer foundation has done. Please don’t try to be humble, I want to hear about it all.

Glenn: Don’t worry mate, I’m Australian, we don’t know the meaning of humble (laughs). So, jokes aside, since 2005, we have managed to place 135 breast cancer nurses in different communities all across Australia, with the majority of them being place in regional and rural areas. Those who are experiencing breast cancer, men as well, can get support from a McGrath breast care nurse for free. Furthermore, we are also extremely proud to say that we have been able to help 75,000 families across the country.

Interviewer: All of this is obviously not cheap, so can you give us a bit of information as to how everything is paid for?

Glenn: Sure, mate. Well, we are proud to say that we have become one of the most respected charities in Australia, so the government are willing to give us quite a lot of money every year so that we can continue to do the good work that we are doing. However, despite their generosity, we still need more because, like you said, what we are doing is not cheap. To give you some sort of idea, it costs nearly $400,000 to put one breast care nurse in a community for three years. We have 135 breast care nurses, so imagine how much we need over a three-year period. I’d do the math, but that has never been my strong point.

Interviewer: Around $54 million, that is how much you need for the nurses alone every three years.

Glenn: Exactly, so that is why we also rely heavily on donations from kind people all over the world. We have also partnered up with the likes of Cricket Australia, Bupa, IGA Supermarket, Mount Franklin Water, and more than 40 other corporate partners who all help us to achieve our aim. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has ever contributed to our cause.

Interviewer: Every year, there is the Sydney Pink Test. Can you tell us more about it and when the next one will be?

Glenn: Every January, there is a test match played in Sydney. On the third day of the test, the players, umpires, and spectators are all asked to come wearing something pink. The stumps and the bails are also pink. In short, there is just a sea of pink everywhere you look. The aim of this is to raise more awareness for the foundation and what we do, as well as raising money to help us to continue what we do. We always raise a good few million, which is fantastic. The next pink day will be on the 5th January, when Australia are taking on New Zealand. So, if you are in vicinity, please head to the ground and get involved in a great cause.

Interviewer: I think we can wrap this up now and let you get on with your day. It has been an absolute pleasure talking with you, and we hope you and the foundation continue to have more success. Thank you once again for your time.

Glenn: No worries at all, the pleasure has been all mine. 

What a Fantastic Foundation

We have nothing but respect for Glenn McGrath and the foundation that him and his wife created. They took a personal tragedy and instead of moaning about how unjust the situation was, they decided to try and turn something negative into a positive. You need only look at how respected the Jane McGrath Foundation is to see that they have succeeded.   

If you would like to help this amazing foundation out, then there are many ways that you can do so. You can make a one-off monetary donation, or you can opt for a monthly donation. You can also leave a percentage of your estate or a cash donation to the foundation in your will. Or, if it is your wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other type of occasion, you could ask for donations to be made to the Jane McGrath foundation.